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Patio heaters are a comfort product used to improve the enjoyment of outdoor spaces; they have nothing in common with energy management. However, clean burning natural gas heaters can greatly improve air quality as compared to charcoal and wood fires.



Patio heaters are manually lit via a safety pilot. A dial control sets the output. The newest unit from EvenGlo has an automatic electronic ignition.


Natural Gas units can be permanently mounted and piped with rigid pipe or combinations of rigid pipe and short lengths of flexible connector.



The Empire ‘Superb’ model is 40,000 BTUs; shown with portable base for use with a 20 lb propane cylinder. Can be permanently post mounted for natural gas use.

At 40,000 BTUs/hour and natural gas at $1.15/ CCF , the cost to operate this patio heater would be (0.4 CCF /hr x $1.15 CCF ) = $0.46/hour



The Outdoor Campfyre is a 70,000 BTU/Hr freestanding unit by R. H. Peterson.




Empire_ChimeneaEmpire’s Chimenea outdoor design features the unique combination of a rugged grape-leaf design cast aluminum body and cast iron burner with realistic gas logs. The safety screen and removable lid keep leaves and debris from collecting inside so the fire is ready to start at a moment’s notice.

The Chimenea features a Piezo igniter and a manual control to adjust the flame height from low (20,000 BTU) to high (35,000 BTU).
PatioHtr_Evenglo1The Even-Glo Series 1000 commercial grade patio heater developed by IR Energy of Stoney Creek, Ontario uses a re-designed radiant burner and reflective surface to produce a wider heater space. It also has an automatic electronic ignition for easier operation.









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Vendors and Manufacturers

Empire Comfort Systems
ECS , Inc .
918 Freeburg Avenue Belleville, IL 62222-0529
Telephone: 618-233-7420 or 800-851-3153

Go to their web site at

IR Energy – Even-Glo
428 Millen Road, Unit 23
Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 3N9
Telephone: 905-664-9082

Go to their web site at

Robert H. Peterson Co.
14724 E. Proctor Ave
City of Industry, CA 91746
Telephone: 800-332-0240

Go to their web site at
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