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There are many kinds of molds and mildews; some are just ugly, some ruin building materials, and some do all this and can make people ill.

The first sign of mold in northern climates tends to be around windows, corners and other ‘cold’ spots in houses where condensation occurs.

Condensation occurs because either the indoor space is too humid, the surface space is too cold, or both. The results are the same.

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Some Potential Sources for TOO MUCH Moisture

  • unvented bathrooms and kitchens
  • MANY house plants
  • damp basements
  • crawl spaces with uncovered dirt floors
  • unvented fuel-fired space heaters
  • indoor hot tubs, saunas, spas


Methods to Reduce Moisture

  • add vents to bathrooms and kitchen stoves
  • do not use unvented fuel-fired space heaters
  • take damp-proofing measures for the basement
  • install a vapor barrier over crawl space dirt floors
  • keep hot tubs covered when not in use
  • run a dehumidifier
  • install an air-to-air heat exchanger


More Information

For More Information see Indoor Air Quality

Source: Text Bob Fegan 12/2008; pictures Bob Fegan

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