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Temperature Control


One of the most reliable methods to manage energy is still temperature control. Using a manual wall stat works, but it is only as good as the human operator. A new high-tech EMS system is only as good as its programming and remote sensors. Regardless of the system used, the advise is still the same ‘turn down the heat’ (turn up the cool).


Automated Controls

Facilities with Energy Management Systems and more sophisticated controls will likely have some sort of ‘weather station’ like the one below. This Novar weather station includes a sensible temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, and a photo eye for daylight control. The information from this station is feed to the EMS control station that controls the operation of the economizer according to actual weather conditions and the needs of the space.



EMS Weather Station

EMS Central Control Panel


EMS Wall Stats interface with the EMS central control panel to tell it what is happening in the controlled space.


Older controls may be Pneumatic (compressed air) operated. These systems were developed in the 1970s.

Other than being old and maybe not able to find parts, pneumatic systems are prone to leaks, water plugging, and limited distance operation.


Pneumatic systems must have a small air compressor to provide air pressure for operation. The air compressor should also be equipped with a line dryer and purge process to keep water out of the lines.

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Source: Text Bob Fegan 1/2009; photos by Bob Fegan;

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